Steering Group

The document below is the "Terms of Reference" given to the Steering Group by Northill Parish Council. It specifies themes to be tackled, operating arrangements, protocols and accountability.

NP Steering Group Terms of Reference 07.11.14.pdf


The Steering Group generally meets regularly every three or four weeks and acts as the regulating body for the Neighbourhood Planning process. It is led by two co-chairs , one from the Parish Council and the other from the community . The group and is made up of a number of volunteers from the community and Parish Council.Minutes of their meetings are set out below.



NP Steering Group 17.09.14.pdf

NP Steering Group 06.11.14.pdf


NP Steering Group 07.01.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 28.01.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 06.05.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 15.06.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 21.07.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 28.01.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 28.08.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 29.09.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 04.11.15.pdf

NP Steering Group 03.12.15.pdf


NP Steering Group 27.01.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 16.02.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 16.03.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 31.03.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 20.04.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 08.06.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 19.07.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 21.09.16.pdf

NP Steering Group 23.11.16.pdf


NP Steering Group 11.01.17.pdf

NP Steering Group 22.02.17.pdf

NP Steering Group 08.03.17.pdf

NP Steering group 15.03.17.pdf

SG meeting NOTES 03.04.17_10.04.17_redacted.pdf

NP Steering Group 22.04.17.pdf

NP Informal Meeting_14.06.17 .pdf

NP Steering Group Minutes 29.06.17.pdf

SG meeting note 19 7 17.pdf

NP Steering Group 10.08.17.pdf

/files/NP Steering Group 16.08.17_redacted.pdf

/files/NP Steering Group 260917.pdf

/files/Project Group Meeting Notes 111017.docx


Steering Group 080118.pdf

NP Steering Group 310118.pdf

NP Steering Group 210318.pdf

NP SteeringGroup 020518.pdf



Project Group Meeting 24.08.15.pdf

Project Group Meeting 14.09.15.pdf

Project Group Meeting 16.10.15.pdf

Project Group Meeting 02.11.15.pdf


Project Group Meeting 11.01.16.pdf

Project GroupMeeting 27.01.16 .pdf

Project Group Meeting 02.03.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 15.03.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 30.03.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 13.04.16 & 18.04.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 03.06.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 29.06.16 & 11.07.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 24.06.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 20.07.16.pdf

Project Group Meeting 01.08.16.pdf

Project Writing Group 17.10. 16.pdf

Project Writing Group 07.11.16.pdf

Project Writing Group 16.11.16.pdf

Project Writing Group 21.11.16.pdf

Project Writing Group 28.11.16.pdf

Notes of the PWTMeeting 09.01.17.pdf

Notes of PWTmeeting16.01.17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 23.01.17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 26 01 17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 30 01 17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting15 02 17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 20.02.17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 27.02.17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 01 03 17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 06 03 17.pdf

Notes of PWT meeting 13 03 17.pdf

Project Group Meeting Notes 11.10.17.pdf


PWT Notes18.01.18.pdf

PWT Notes_ Actions_05.02.18.pdf


PWTNotes 20.02.18.pdf