As the Local Planning Authority, they are now required to undertake a publication period to provide an opportunity for all parties to comment on the submitted proposals before the plan goes ahead to Examination. The plan, together with accompanying documents can also be found at their website, http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/planning/policy/neighbourhood-planning/consultations.aspx and hard copies are available to view on request at their office at Priory House, Chicksands.

The consultation will start on Thursday 14th February and run for a 6 week period, closing at 5pm on Friday 29th March. Central Bedfordshire Council are inviting comments either by email or by post. Please send any comments via email to localplan@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk and any comments via post to the address below: 

Local Plan Team

Central Bedfordshire Council

Priory House




SG17 5TQ

All comments will be passed to an Examiner to be considered. If the Plan is successful at Examination, it will proceed to a referendum to allow residents to vote. If the Plan is successful at referendum, Central Bedfordshire Council will ‘make’ the Plan part of the development plan for the area and use it during the consideration of planning applications.

If you wish to be informed of the outcome, please let Central Bedfordshire Council know in your comments.


15 .11.18 The Steering Group are pleased to announce that the Northill Parish Neighbourhood Plan (Pre-submission Regulation 16 Document) has been submitted today to CBC. To view its contents please use the Northill Neighbourhood Plan button above.

The Steering Group would like to acknowledge a very considerable amount of help received from CBC Neighbourhood Development Plan Officer Tom Price. Tom has been tidying up our documents for us, coping with lists of amendments sent in after proof reading. 

Any questions?  Contact@northillneighbourhoodplan.org 

What happens next?

  • A final 6 week consultation is conducted by CBC and an independent examiner is appointed.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan ‘Consultation Statement’ and ‘Basic Condition Statement’ are sent to the examiner.
  • The Examiner writes a report on the Plan, stating whether it can go for referendum or needs further amendment.
  • The final version goes to local referendum conducted by CBC.
  • If 50% + 1 of respondents agree, the Neighbourhood Plan becomes law.

Thank you for your interest in the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan. Please look out for further progress reports on this page, in Village Magazines, Local Papers and on Parish Council Notice Boards around the parish.